Our Mission

We are a non-profit 501(c)3, all volunteer organization serving the greater Houston area.  The Houston area is plagued by an enormous homeless pet population, shelter overcrowding and heartbreakingly high euthanasia rates.  We are dedicated to helping the many homeless and abandoned dogs, and helping them find permanent, loving homes.   

We team directly with other non-profit rescue groups in the Houston area, as well as non-profit, no-kill shelter and foster groups in Massachusetts.  We coordinate and facilitate the relocation of homeless Houston dogs to New England for adoption.  Relocating dogs provides New England families with wonderful, loving pets for adoption, and gives some of Houston’s forgotten dogs another chance at life.  The relocation program also allows dogs who would otherwise be euthanized due to overcrowding at local high-kill shelters to be rescued, fostered briefly, and transported north for adoption. 

Prior to transport all dogs undergo vaccination and veterinary care, and those over six months of age receive temperament testing.  Prior to adoption at our partner sites all dogs are vetted, spayed / neutered and microchipped. 



of donations go directly to the care and transport of dogs. Donations are never used to cover administrative costs and are tax deductible.


saves the life of a dog scheduled to be euthanized, provides basic veterinary care and vaccinations, and gets them a seat on our next transport. 

72 hours

is the time allotted for dogs in many area shelters to be adopted before they are scheduled to be euthanized. 


Help us save lives and give Houston area dogs a chance.

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Donations can also be mailed to Chances Dog Rescue and Relocation, 59 Florham Park Drive, Spring, TX 77379