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All dogs are special and deserve a loving family.  However, there are some dogs that enter your life and change everything for the better.  Chance and Chloe did that for us.

Chance was a stray American Bulldog living on the streets of Baltimore.  He had been malnourished and mistreated when he arrived at the doorstep.  He was missing a part of his ear, and within days vomited up the neck of a glass beer bottle.  He came inside, curled up into a ball on the couch, fell fast asleep and never left.  He was terrified of thunder, loved blueberry cobbler and cupcakes, hated skateboards, and loved cuddles.  He was at his happiest sitting on a lap in front of the fireplace, or curled under the covers in bed with just the tip of his nose peeking out.  Chance loved children, and when our son arrived, rarely left his side.  He would sleep under his swing, and dutifully follow him from room to room when he began crawling.

Chloe was a stray dog living in a park in Puerto Rico when she was rescued and flown up to the Sterling Shelter in Massachusetts for adoption.  She was a shy, underweight, timid little girl when she first came home.  She didn’t know how to climb up stairs, and living indoors was completely new to her.  She was terrified of brooms and stick and anything similarly shaped, and despite years of love and reassurance, that fear never truly left her.  However, she did adjust quickly to the creature comforts of a home, and soon took over the running of the household.  She was proud and bossy, and would be sure to let you know if a meal was late being served.  She was also affectionate and cuddly.  She loved to run, and did so with such abandon and pure joy - bouncing and ducking and weaving with a huge smile on her face.  She was happy to meet new people, and patient and gentle with children. 

Sadly, we lost both Chance and Chloe to aggressive cancers within a couple of years of each other.  Their losses are still painful, and their absence in our home is deeply felt.  It is in honor of our former beloved street dogs, Chance and Chloe, that we are dedicated to rescuing pups and sending them into loving homes.