While we are incredibly proud of all of our rescue pups and their adopters,
there are some stories that demonstrate the resilience of dogs in especially touching ways. 
Here are some of those stories that we were privileged to be a part of.

Tilly was likely dumped with her siblings in a rural area outside of houston. Her finder gave her away to a local person who asked for a dog. in the meantime, her three siblings were taken into chances (we were unaware of tilly and that she had been given away) and the three were adopted into loving families. a couple of months later, the finder went back to check on tilly, only to discover that she had been HORRIFICALLY neglected and abused. she was frightened of people, and had a deeply embedded collar. thankfully, the finder took her immediately to the vet, and reached out for help with her this time. after many procedures, a lengthy inpatient stay at the vet, and lots of tlc, tilly has made a full recovery and is loving life in massachusetts


Hempstead, Texas is on the outskirts of houston. they have no shelter for homeless animals and instead house them in crates, outdoors at the waste water treatment plant. they are not open to the public - so there is no possibility for adoptions - and the dogs receive no vet care. when it rains heavily, the area floods and dogs are stuck standing in sewage. they are fed once per day. when cages are full, dogs are euthanized to make room for others. despite these HORRIFIC conditions, dogs we have been able to rescue from hempstead are loving and playful and affectionate. these are a few of the lucky dogs who made the move from hempstead to massachusetts with us, and are living their best lives.

Hempstead pics.jpg

Vincent was found on the street, alert and awake, but unable to stand. He was rushed to the vet where his injuries were assessed. the vet determined that while vincent had been beaten repeatedly with a heavy metAl chain for a long period of time, he was in remarkably stable shape physically. emaciated, flea infested, with several infections, but no broken bones. his most significant injury was to his spirit. he refused to stand or walk because he was frightened and had simply given up. with the help of an amazing foster family who gave him patient and unending tlc, vincent slowly came around and now enjoys meal time, toys and lots of walks.

vincent pics.jpg

Hopper (FKA Randall) was left behind, tethered on a short rope in a yard full of trash and broken furniture when his prior owners moved. he had no food and no water. he was so loving and grateful upon rescue though. he is now a member of a loving and active family in massachusetts who send up heartwarming updates at least annually.


Chloe was rescued from the streets while pregnant. She had a severely injured tail from it being doused in gasoline and set on fire. the heat of the fire fused the CARTILAGE, and she required amputation, but first she needed to birth, nurse and wean her puppies. She was an amazing mom, and all of her puppies were healthy and transported to massachusetts where they were adopted. two months later, after surgery and recovery, it was chloe’s turn. she is now a beloved family dog.